An avid frame nerd sharing his adventures in picture framing

I Am A Framer

The Framer Chris; Freelance Framer and Advocate

I am a framer. A picture framer. It may sound somewhat simplistic or downright underwhelming for some and that’s okay. It’s okay because I know the gifts I’ve been given and the passion I have in my heart. And it may sound crazy but I love picture framing!

For me it’s not just four sticks and some glass and slap it together like a sandwich. No. That’s a view of this trade without vision, without an understanding of what it’s taken to get here. There have been generations after generations of framers whose efforts and studies have gotten us to where we are as craftsmen and craftswomen. It’s a blend of carpentry, painting, engineering and design. A framer takes pride in their work. We can take you on a journey with our craft.

You see we help create opportunities for our clients. Creating a moment where they share a memory, something that has a specific and profound meaning that is solely unique to them and their piece. As framers, it’s our job to help people take their work and help tell it’s story. Show where their journeys have taken them. Create, if you will, a window in to their souls. It’s poetic. It’s dynamic. And it’s something truly special in everything we do.

It’s art, from simple design elements, to complex layers of painting, staining, carving, and gilding. Crafting simple or complex combinations of colors on paper mats that can be fabric wrapped or hand painted, and embellished that compliment or contrast and create a sense of mood.

It’s engineering, from building simple rectangular photo frames or complex structural feats that support the housing and weight of a piece without allowing its own forces from tearing it apart under its weight and comprehensively distributing it evenly across the piece.

It’s communication. It takes great detail in getting to know an individual’s tastes and preferences for how they want their piece to be interpreted.

This all comes together in a neatly assembled frame, taking an empty void space and creating soulful windows with depth and meaning. We help preserve memories and emotions, create conversation across generations, and share stories. I’m a framer, a picture framer and this is what we do.


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